Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mexico City: Scenes—Shady Slim

Today, Forbes magazine announced that the U.S. has the most millionaires of any country in the world, but that the richest man in the world lives in Mexico.


  1. I just read your article in the 2010 edition of "The Best American Travel Writing". Good Stuff.

    I am going to be visiting a friend in Mexico City next week, is there anything I definitely need to see or avoid? Or are there any good online resources I should look into?

  2. Hello sir. I just saw your comment. Thanks for following and reading my article. Apologies I didn't write sooner. Various other projects have kept me away from the blog recently. Didn't know how else to respond to you.

    If you're still in Mexico, I recommend you see: Xochimilco—obvious but still unique. The Merced Market—endlessly fascinating. Tlalpan: old-fashioned neighborhood. Dos Naciones Cantina in the Centro: seedy and fun.

    What to avoid: if you're evangelical, I recommend not trying to convert people. If you're not evangelical, my apologies.