Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Vampire Thing Never Dies: They Put it in a Book

Apparently I write "travel writing." My piece on vampires and tourists for last October's Believer is featured in this year's Best American Travel Writing. It's guest-edited by Bill Buford. I was excited because I thought I knew who that was, but then it turned out I was thinking of Bill Bryson. It's cool though—Bryson did in fact guest-edit Best American Travel Writing at one point.

Somehow I ended up in the company of heavy hitters. The volume has a piece by Ian Frazier, a New Yorker contributor who wrote a book called On the Rez that I read years ago when I volunteered on a Lakota Indian reservation in South Dakota. There's David Sedaris, that guy who writes whiny stuff, also often for the New Yorker. Then there's Christopher Hitchens, who writes bestsellers about Henry Kissinger and God. Also there's a guy who hosts an old-timey radio variety show.


  1. Congrats Avi! I thought the piece was really interesting and well written. I can see it being interpreted as travel writing. Hope you get a little more that being published with a bi-line, but not sure how those books work. Hope all is well in Mexico City! XO, 'Aunt' Lisa

  2. Hello-- read your piece in the believer. Congrats on the Best thing. Wanted to send you a copy of a new literary journal that contains a piece on Dracula that maybe you'll find interesting. Send your mailing address to I just moved back from D.F. after living there for 12 years. Thanks, Parsa